6kW HPC-5000 Portable Air-Conditioner

  • Just the answer for spot cooling
  • Applications suited to cooling in computer rooms or on factory floor areas.

The unit is plugged into normal 10 amp power. running~ 10amps. Once operating cool air begins to flow into the room and the warm air is released from the top of unit through exhaust duct. Condensate pumps are also available for hire (if required). Volume of condensation =2.5Litres / h.

  • Ideal for spot cooling with two directional adjustable cooling air ducts.
  • Easily portable yet very powerful.
  • Ideal for larger offices spaces, computer rooms, factories, banks, shops, hospitals etc .. just to name a few!
  • Average area covered =~25 to 30 metres squares under normal conditions - with no extra ordinary heatload*

Dimensions: 1246mm (high) x 620mm (deep) x 560mm (wide)

Weight: 90Kgs

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6kW HPC-5000 Portable Air-Conditioner

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