3.45kW TAC12000 Portable Air-Conditioner

  • Application
    • Ideal temperature and humidity control for a small-sized office or computer room.
  • Compact Design¬†

It can adjust the temperature & humidity of a small room, with multiple functions - Cooling, Dehumidifying & Fan ventilation. Ideal for use in small office spaces or small computer rooms. Installations are made simply, without structural changes, our installers duct to ceiling tiles, windows or doors.

  • This unit can dehumidify up to 53 litres of water in just 24 hours.
  • Whisper quiet operation - 52db at 1 metre.
  • Operating ranges for cooling (16 to 35 degrees C)
  • LCD display screen for ease of operation.
  • Timer if required
  • Remote Control available on request.
  • The unit is plugged into normal 10 amp power.

Once operating cool air begins to flow into the room and the warm air is released externally from the back through exhaust duct. Now set your desired temperature and enjoy the benefits of your cooler room

Refrigerant: 407C

Dimensions: Internal Unit 855mm (high) x 370mm (deep) x 450mm (wide)

Weight: 42kgs

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3.45kW TAC12000 Portable Air-Conditioner

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